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BlueROV2 Software Setup

Get your BlueROV2 connected to a topside computer, the vehicle updated, and joystick properly calibrated!

BlueROV2 Assembly

Get your BlueROV2 built quickly with this assembly guide!

Fathom-S Usage Guide

Learn how to connect a Fathom-S board to a Pixhawk or Arduino board!

Guide to Using the Bar30 with a Raspberry Pi

Get started with the Bar02 Pressure/Depth Sensor and its Python library!

Underwater Temperature Sensor
Celsius Temperature Sensor Installation and Example Code

Learn how to install the Celsius Temperature Sensor on your project!

Using the Vacuum Plug and Hand Pump

Ensure the O-ring seals are good on our WTE with this quick test!

Watertight Enclosure (WTE) Assembly

Learn the basics of assembling a Watertight Enclosure (WTE)!

Motor Disassembly/Re-Assembly

Quickly disassemble an M100 or M200!

Thruster Disassembly/Re-Assembly

Learn how to take apart your thruster for cleaning, inspection or just to see how it works!

Buoyancy Calculator

Use this calculator to find the buoyancy of an object based on its displacement.

Under Pressure – Pressure Vessel Calculator

Use the Under Pressure software to calculate theoretical failure depths for various enclosures.

WTE Vent Assembly Guide

Quickly assemble a vent for your WTE project!

Pressure-to-Depth and Depth-to-Pressure Calculator

This calculator determines the water depth to reach or given pressure or the pressure at a given depth.

Cable Stripping

Learn how to properly strip cables for use with WetLink Penetrators!

T100 Thruster Usage

Learn about different installation techniques, maintenance and troubleshooting for the T100 Thruster!