Pressure-to-Depth and Depth-to-Pressure Calculator

By Rusty


This calculator determines the water depth to reach a given pressure or the pressure at a given depth. You can enter the depth or pressure input with most common units and it will be converted automatically. This calculator does not add air pressure at the surface – the results are relative to the surface pressure.

(success) Enter depth or pressure followed by unit. (e.g. "110 psi" or "450 ft")

Pressure and Depth Output:


Hydrostatic Water Pressure Formula

This calculator uses simple hydrostatic pressure equations. The pressure, \(P\) of a fluid at depth depends only on the density, \(\rho\), the acceleration of gravity, \(g\), and the depth or height of the fluid column, \(h\).

\[P = \rho g h \]

The calculator uses the following values for these parameters:

\(\rho_{fresh} = 997.0474 \: kg/m^3 \) (for freshwater)
\(\rho_{salt} = 1023.6 \: kg/m^3 \) (for saltwater)
\(g = 9.80665 \: m/s^2 \)

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This calculator uses the js-quantities library by gentooboontoo for unit conversions.



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