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to enable the future of marine robotics

with over 220 low-cost, high-quality components and systems including the
BlueROV2 and the new WetLink Penetrator
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Credit: Jeff Milisen

Game-Changing Cost

Our constant focus on cost and accessibility make our thrusters, components, and underwater ROV the most affordable on the market.

Flexible & Expandable

Straightforward designs with open source software and hardware allow for customization, modification, and reconfiguration.

A Community of Explorers

Our products come with clear documentation and resources as well as a diverse community of subsea explorers, hobbyists, and professional users.

Enabling Ocean Exploration

Enabling Ocean Exploration

The BlueROV2 R4

The world’s most affordable high-performance ROV, now with the Navigator Flight Controller and BlueOS.

Credit: Jeff Milisen
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Bridging the gap between those looking to utilize ROVs and AUVs in their applications and the organizations providing the technology to perform such services!


T500 Thruster, Navigator Flight Controller, 3" and 4" Locking Enclosures... Check them all out here!

Video Tutorials

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T500 Thruster

More thrust, more possibilities! 3x the thrust of the T200


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Navigator Flight Controller

ROV and robotics flight controller for Raspberry Pi 4


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Watertight Enclosure

Reliable underwater enclosures with configurable options


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WetLink Penetrator

Compression gland seal for 3.7mm–9.8mm electrical cables


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