We're on a mission
to enable the future of marine robotics

with over 300 low-cost, high-quality components and systems including the
BlueROV2 and the new T500 Thruster
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Credit: JM Robotics

Game-Changing Cost

Our constant focus on cost and accessibility make our thrusters, components, and underwater ROV the most affordable on the market.

Flexible & Expandable

Straightforward designs with open source software and hardware allow for customization, modification, and reconfiguration.

A Community of Explorers

Our products come with clear documentation and resources as well as a diverse community of subsea explorers, hobbyists, and professional users.

Enabling Ocean Exploration

Enabling Ocean Exploration

The BlueROV2 R4

The world’s most affordable high-performance ROV, now with the Navigator Flight Controller and BlueOS.

Credit: Victor Huertas
In the WIld

Exploration, Conservation, Research, Inspection, Aquaculture - Dive into the stories of marine robotics!

Credit: Constantinos Sofikitis
Types of Unmanned Vehicles

Learn all about USVs, AUVs, and ROVs!

The T500 Thruster

Our next-generation underwater thruster with three times more thrust than the T200!

Credit: Bastien Soleil
Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar

Navigation and imaging sonar for BlueROV2 and other ROVs


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T500 Thruster

More thrust, more possibilities! 3x the thrust of the T200


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Lumen Subsea Light (Pre-Connected Sets)

Set of two and four high-brightness subsea lights


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Bar100 High-Resolution 1000m Depth/Pressure Sensor

High-pressure depth sensor with digital I2C communication


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