Research and Academia

Research and Academia

Development and Implementation of a Marine Robotics Algorithm Validation Testbed
Anderson, J.; Belcher, B.

Clean water for both drinking and irrigation is a necessary resource, but has little protection. There are regular incidents where…

Virtual Maps for Autonomous Exploration of Cluttered Underwater Environments
Wang, J.; Chen, F.

Having an autonomous vehicle actively map an unknown environment is a difficult task and improving this capability would be extremely…

6-DoF Modelling and Control of a Remotely Operated Vehicle
Wu, Chu-Jou

In order for ROVs to operate effectively in a range of applications, they need accurate navigation and control systems for…

ROV Assisted Magnetic Induction Communication Field Tests in Underwater Environments
Wei, D.; Soto, S. S

Due to the lack of Magnetic Induction (MI) field tests in underwater environments, the authors use a Remotely Operated Vehicle…

Experimental Quantification of Bedrock Abrasion Under Oscillatory Flow
Bramante, J. F.; Perron, J. T.

Abrasion is a powerful erosion force that shapes our landscapes. While stream-driven abrasion has been extensively studied in the lab,…

Model-Free High-Order Sliding Mode Controller for Station-Keeping of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Manipulation Task: Simulations and Experimental Validation
González-García, J.; Gómez-Espinosa, A.

AUVs are often used for data-gathering applications, but there is an increasing interest for their use in inspection, maintenance, and…

Fault-Adaptive Autonomy in Systems with Learning-Enabled Components
Stojcsics, D.; Boursinos, D.

Faults and degradations, such as sensor failures, software malfunctions, actuators degradations, etc., can happen anytime and anywhere in a system….

Marine Robotics for Recurrent Morphological Investigations of Micro-Tidal Marine-Coastal Environments
Ridolfi, A.; Secciani, N.

Standard monitoring activities are functional for longer time and spatial scales but can be expensive, complex, and inaccurate in certain…

Tuning for Robust and Optimal Dynamic Positioning Control in BlueROV2
Yang, X.; Xing, Y.

In most ROV operations, accurate and robust navigation is crucial for effective missions. Path tracking or target following are usually…