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Top 5 Reasons to Purchase from a Blue Robotics Distributor

So, you’ve made the decision to order Blue Robotics products (yay!), but now you’re wondering, “Should I order directly or through a Distributor?” This decision is typically based on personal preference and both are great platforms for ordering! Our Distributors add an immense amount of value to our products and customer experience – they are an extension of the Blue Robotics family and it’s no secret that they play a crucial role in customer support. We’ve put together the following list to highlight the strengths of our global partners – check it out!

1. Sales Guidance

While it is our goal to offer detailed documentation to cover all of the questions or concerns a customer might have prior to purchasing, every need and job is unique! Blue Robotics Distributors have extensive application-specific knowledge and go the extra mile to assist in guiding their customers to purchase the parts best suited for the required tasks and specifications. Our Distributors provide guidance through the gritty details of building a successful order!

Sales guidance by Aqua Exploracion.

Sales guidance by Aqua Exploracion.

2. Local Support

Blue Robotics Distributors are our regional support teams – they are best to communicate with when ordering internationally. They are your neighbors in both time-zone and language! Distributors are fluent in local administrative processes such as documentation and invoices in national form and language.

Our Distributors also have the ability to provide alternative solutions if Blue Robotics is unable to deliver a product due to shipping regulations. For example, we are only able to ship batteries to specific countries (see the Lithium-ion Battery page for more detailed information). Many Distributors stock Blue Robotics batteries and can also provide information regarding available battery alternatives in your country.

Some Distributors provide warranties that extend past the Blue Robotics standard warranty. In some countries, there are warranty standards or laws that are different from those of the United States. For example, New Zealand law asks that companies provide a 12-month parts warranty on all sales. This is different from Blue Robotics Warranty.

Illustration courtesy of ROV FUN

Illustration courtesy of ROV FUN

3. Importing

Customs duty, or taxes, imposed on imported goods vary from country to country. Your local Distributor takes care of this cost which is typically included in the pricing structure provided by the Distributor.

Besides the added costs associated with taxes, importing from the US can take a bit of extra time. The shipment must pass through customs and depending on the country, the delivery time can be a bit lengthy. Blue Robotics Distributors tend to keep stock of popular products, allowing for much shorter delivery times!

4. Local Services

Each Distributor is intimately familiar with our products and is able to assist with any build or troubleshooting process. The following services are provided by most Blue Robotics Distributors:

Assembly Services

The BlueROV2 (and a few other products!) ships as a kit when purchased directly from our warehouse. While we provide thorough build instructions through our documentation, our Distributors have you covered for ready-to-go vehicles! Many of our Distributors build and test their vehicles before shipping to the end-user.

Assembly of the Fathom Spool by SORS Ricerche.

Assembly of the Fathom Spool by SORS Ricerche.

Training Services

Though our documentation provides ample resources on how to build, operate, and maintain the vehicle, our Distributors provide a hands-on training approach that helps to ensure customer success from start to finish.

Training by BRS Robotica Submarina.

Training by BRS Robotica Submarina.

Repair Services

Products need to be repaired sometimes! Our Distributors are well equipped to handle different types of product repairs and possess the know-how to reach the best solution as quickly as possible.

Rental and Demo Services

Blue Robotics does not offer rentals or demo units, but many Distributors do! Please see the service tags on each Distributor’s profile card of our Distributor Page to find out if a Distributor near you offers these services!

Demo by Six Voice. (Photo courtesy of Technoocean-Network).

Demo by Six Voice. (Photo courtesy of Technoocean-Network).

5. Customization Capabilities

Whether you are in need of the ability to operate a vehicle for a longer period of time, want to dive deeper into the blue, or need integrative solutions for your specific application, our family of Distributors has your back!

Lengthy Dives (Extra Batteries)

There are several ways to create longevity for dives – our Distributors can customize your ROV by adding extra battery enclosures or by integrating a power supply unit in place of the battery. The standard BlueROV2 uses a single rechargeable, quick swappable battery for power, but can be upgraded to handle more power!

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Deeper Dives (Modifications)

Our customers are always itching to find ways to dive deeper. Our products have specific depth ratings but depending on the specifications of the dive, can be customized or modified by our talented group of Distributors.

This vehicle by Bay Dynamics is rated to 300 meters.

This vehicle by Bay Dynamics is rated to 300 meters.

Unique Dives (Third-Party Integrations)

Our Distributors not only sell our products but also build products of their own that are compatible with Blue Robotics products. Our product line will continue to expand, but there are many industries in which our Distributors are truly the experts. If you have a specific application you require a vehicle for, it’s likely that one of our Distributors has a solution to accomodate those needs! Some examples of third-party integrations include:

  • Software
  • Application-specific tools such as net cleaners, lasers, and sampling devices
  • Accessories including additional cameras, sonars, sensors, joysticks, connectors
This vehicle by DeltaROV combines custom software, application-specific tools, and extra accessories!

This vehicle by DeltaROV combines custom software, application-specific tools, and extra accessories!

We are proud to say that our family of Distributors offers a vast range of quality services, are wildly talented, and all have a similar mission – to enable the future of ocean exploration! Most Blue Robotics Distributors are active in our community forums and links to their websites and social media platforms can be found through our website’s Distributor Page.