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Integrating the DVL A50 on the BlueROV2

Learn how to integrate the Water Linked DVL A50 on the BlueROV2!

Integrating a 4K Cinema Camera on the BlueROV2

Learn how to integrate a 4k cinema camera on the BlueROV2!

Navigator Retrofit Guide

This guide will show you how to replace the Pixhawk autopilot with a new Navigator Flight Controller in your BlueROV2.

BlueROV2 Assembly (R3 Version)

Get your BlueROV2 built quickly with this assembly guide! These instructions are for the R3 version only.

BlueROV2 Software Setup (R3 and Older)

Get your BlueROV2 connected to a topside computer, the vehicle updated, and joystick properly calibrated! R3 and older versions only.

BlueROV2 Assembly (R1 and R2 Versions)

Assembly Instructions for the retired R1 and R2 versions of the BlueROV2.

BlueROV2 Buyer’s Guide by Application

Check out this guide for what to install on your BlueROV2 for your specific industry!

BlueROV2 Buyer’s Guide by Options

Need a BlueROV2, but not quite sure what else to get for it? Check out this guide which goes through your options!

Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI) Usage Guide

Learn how to quickly get your BlueROV2 connected with the FXTI!

BlueROV2 Operation

Learn how to operate your newly built BlueROV2!