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Ping2 Integration Kit for BlueBoat Installation Guide

Learn how to mount a Ping2 Echosounder to the BlueBoat using the Ping2 Integration Kit for BlueBoat.

Collecting and Creating Bathymetric Maps with the BlueBoat and Ping2

Learn to collect, filter, and visualize bathymetry data collected with the Blue Robotics BlueBoat and Ping2 single beam sonar!

Newton Sediment Sampler Attachment Guide

Learn how turn the Newton Gripper into a sediment sampler using the Newton Sediment Sampler Attachment!

Integrating the Omniscan 450 SS on the BlueBoat

Learn how to integrate the Omniscan 450 SS on the BlueBoat!

Connecting Your Device with Navigator and BlueOS

Get things connected to your BlueOS powered vehicle! Whether Serial, I2C, Ethernet or USB, collecting data for your application is possible!

Ethernet Switch Installation Guide for the BlueBoat

Install the Blue Robotics Ethernet Switch in the BlueBoat to connect additional Ethernet devices.

BlueBoat General Integration Guide

Learn about all the ways things can be mounted, attached, routed, plugged in, and generally integrated into the BlueBoat vehicle platform!

Installing the BlueROV2 Roof Rack

Learn how to install the BlueROV2 Roof Rack on your ROV!

Integrating the Sonoptix ECHO on the BlueROV2

Learn how to integrate the Sonoptix ECHO Multibeam Imaging Sonar on the BlueROV2!

Integrating a Water Linked DVL on the BlueROV2

Learn how to integrate a Water Linked DVL on the BlueROV2!