The BlueROV2 is the world’s most affordable high-performance ROV. With a 6-thruster vectored configuration, open-source electronics and software, and plenty of expandability, it’s the perfect ROV for inspections, research, and adventuring. What will you see?

Configure your BlueROV2 kit:

HS Code: 9503.00.00

Product Description

The BlueROV2 is the most capable, flexible, and affordable ROV on the market. The 6-thruster vectored configuration, coupled with strong static stability, provides a vehicle that is smooth and stable, yet highly maneuverable. The BlueROV2 provides the capabilities of a high-end mini-ROV at the price of the most basic commercial ROVs.

BlueROV2 – “Dare to Explore”


  • Live 1080p HD video
  • Highly maneuverable vectored thruster configuration
  • Stable and optimized for inspection-class and research-class missions
  • Easy to use, cross-platform user interface
  • Highly expandable with three free cable penetrators and additional mounting points
  • Standard 100m depth rating and up to 300m tether available
  • 6 T200 Thrusters and Basic ESCs for a high thrust-to-weight ratio
  • Quick-swappable batteries for all-day use
  • Highly flexible topside enclosure for a clean connection from the the BlueROV2 to a computer

The vehicle comes in kit form and is partially assembled to make the user assembly as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. There is no soldering, potting, or gluing involved!

The BlueROV2 is our flagship product. It comprises many of our other products including our T200 Thrusters, 3″ and 4″ Series watertight enclosures, Bar30 pressure sensor, Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI), and our Fathom tether and tether interface electronics. Many of these products have been on the market for quite a while and have proven themselves through thousands of successful hours of operation in the field. The BlueROV2 continues this legacy with high-quality parts, a meticulous design, and rugged reliability.

Leveraging the effort that has gone into the ArduPilot project and related hardware projects, the BlueROV2 uses the open-source ArduSub software and the Pixhawk autopilot, providing autonomous capabilities rarely seen in mini-ROVs and hackability paralleled by none. The software is actively developed and improved by Blue Robotics and other contributors, with constant upgrades and improvements to make the BlueROV2 even better. The included Advanced Electronics Package provides a high-speed Ethernet connection with the Fathom-X tether interface and a Raspberry Pi companion computer for additional processing power. It provides live 1080p HD video directly to a computer or tablet and flexibility for future expansion.

QGroundControl Interface for ArduSub and the BlueROV2.

The BlueROV2 is offered with several configurable options. All of these options are user-upgradeable at a later time.
  • The Fathom Tether is available in a variety of lengths up to 300 meters (984 feet).
  • The Lumen Lights are optional and either one or two pairs can be used. Each set is ready for installation and each individual light outputs 1500 lumens, the brightness of a car headlight.

The BlueROV2 ships without batteries due to shipping restrictions. We recommend our Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V, 18Ah) or other 4S Li-po batteries that can fit inside a 3″ inner diameter tube. Get a few for extended operation.

What’s Not Included

There are some items necessary for operation that are not included with the kit.

Warranty Information

Major Components After Assembly

The BlueROV2 comes partially assembled with the electronics and WTEs tested. Assembly takes approximately 4-6 hours with hand tools. After assembly, the major components will be as follows:

What’s Not Included

There are some items necessary for operation that are not included with the kit.

What’s Included

The following lists the included sub-assemblies and other components of the kit.


Electronics Enclosure

Battery Enclosure


  • 3 x T200 Thrusters w/ Clockwise Propeller installed
  • 3 x T200 Thrusters w/ Counter-Clockwise Propeller installed
  • 6 x Cable Penetrator Nut
  • 6 x 013 O-ring
  • 16 x M3x16 socket head cap screw (316 stainless steel)
  • 8 x M3x12 socket head cap screw (316 stainless steel)
  • 30 x 5 1/2” zip ties (nylon)





SOS Leak Sensor

Fathom-X Tether Interface



  • 2 x Cable Penetrator Blank
  • 2 x 013 O-ring
  • 2 x Cable Penetrator Nut (1x Used for Battery Cable in Battery Enclosure / 1x Used with Cable Penetrator Blank if you aren’t using Lumens)


Length457 mm18 in
Width338 mm13.3 in
Height254 mm10 in
Weight in Air (with Ballast)10-11 kg22-24 lb
Weight in Air (without Ballast)9-10 kg20-22 lb
Net Buoyancy (with Ballast)0.2 kg0.5 lb
Net Buoyancy (without Ballast)1.4 kg3 lb
Payload Capacity (configuration dependent)1.0 kg (4x Lumens) to 1.2 kg (no Lumens)2.2 to 2.6 lbs
Cable Penetrator Holes14 x 10 mm14 x 0.4 in
ConstructionHDPE frame, aluminum flanges/end cap, and acrylic tubes
Main Tube (Electronics Enclosure)Blue Robotics 4 inch series w/ aluminum end caps
Battery TubeBlue Robotics 3 inch series w/ aluminum end caps
Buoyancy FoamR-3318 Urethane Foam rated to 244 meters
Ballast Weight6 x 200 g coated lead weights
Battery ConnectorXT90
Maximum Rated Depth100 m330 ft
Maximum Tested Depth (so far)130 m425 ft
Temperature Range0-40°C32-86°F
Maximum Forward Speed1.5 m/s3 knots
ThrustersBlue Robotics T200
ESCBlue Robotics Basic 30A ESC
Thruster Configuration6 thrusters
(4 Vectored)
(2 Vertical)
Forward Bollard Thrust (45°)9 kgf19.8 lbf
Vertical Bollard Thrust7 kgf15.4 lbf
Lateral Bollard Thrust (45°)9 kgf19.8 lbf
Battery Life (Normal Use)~2 hours w/ 18AH Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Life (Light Use)~4 hours w/ 18AH Lithium-ion Battery
The batteries can be changed in about 30 seconds.
Brightness1500 lumens each with dimming control
Light Beam Angle135 degrees, with adjustable tilt
Diameter7.6 mm0.30 in
Length25-300 m80-980 ft
Working Strength45 kgf100 lbf
Breaking Strength160 kgf350 lbf
Strength MemberKevlar with waterblock
Buoyancy in FreshwaterNeutral
Buoyancy in SaltwaterSlightly Positive
Conductors4 twisted pairs, 26 AWG
Gyroscope3-DOF Gyroscope (on the PixHawk)
Accelerometer 3-DOF Accelerometer (on the PixHawk)
Compass3-DOF Magnetometer (on the PixHawk)
Internal pressure Internal barometer (on the PixHawk)
Pressure/Depth and Temperature Sensor (external)Blue Robotics Bar30
Current and Voltage SensingBlue Robotics Power Sense Module
Camera Tilt
Tilt Range+/- 90 degree camera tilt (180 total range)
Tilt ServoHitec HS-5055MG
Field of View (Underwater)110 degrees (horizontal)
Light Sensitivity0.01 lux
Control System
Tether Interface BoardFathom-X Tether Interface Board
Control BoardPixhawk 1
Control SoftwareArduSub

2D Drawings

BlueROV2 2D

3D Models

BLUEROV2-R1 (.zip)

Revision History

4 January 2019

  • Updated 200g Ballast Weight to R2 design.
  • Updated Moisture Indicating Silica Gel Desiccant Bags to R2 design.

10 October 2018

28 August 2018

7 August 2018

10 July 2018

24 April 2018

14 February 2018

15 January 2018

9 November 2017

21 September 2017

  • Updated Frame – 30 Degree thruster mounting option, rounded edges, captive screw inserts.

31 August 2017

2 May 2017

  • Updated ESC to R2 design.

14 March 2017

  • Pre-installed ArduSub 3.4 (stable version) on the Pixhawk.
  • Pre-installed recommended parameters on the Pixhawk.
  • Pre-installed ArduSub Raspbian on the SD card for the Raspberry Pi 3.
  • Pre-installed the Fathom-X Tether Interface on the electronics tray and all of the wiring has been completed.
  • Pre-installed the Raspberry Pi and Pixhawk on the electronics tray with most of the wiring completed.
  • Pre-installed Pixhawk Power Module and the wiring is completed.
  • Pre-wired the ESCs.
  • Three of the thrusters now come with the counter-clockwise propellers pre-installed.
  • The camera, Pixhawk, Raspberry Pi, and Fathom-X connections have all been tested.
  • Included and installed the SOS Leak Sensor onto the electronics tray.

27 October 2016

  • Updated 4″ Dome to R2 design.

31 August 2016

21 June 2016

  • R1 – Initial release.


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