5V 6A Power Supply


This simple power supply converts 7-26V to a steady 5V at up to 6A!

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HS Code: 8504.40.40

Product Description

This power supply provides a power supply at 5v at up to 6A. It accepts input voltages from 7v to 26v and uses a switching converter with minimal heat loss. It comes with two standard servo-style connectors, making it easy to use to power the Pixhawk 5v rail for servos, the Raspberry Pi, or other 5v devices.


  • 1 x 5V 6A Power Supply


Supply Voltage        7-26V         2S-6S Li-po/Li-ion Battery
Output Voltage5 Volts DC
Output Current (Max)6 Amps (combined output)
Input ConnectorNon-Insulated Spades
Output Connectors3 position 0.1” (2.54mm) Crimp Connector Housing
Length37 mm1.45 in
Width18 mm0.71 in
Height6 mm0.24 in
Input Wire Length140 mm5.5 in
Output Wire Length115 mm4.5 in

Revision History

10 October 2018

  • R1 – Initial release

Quick Start

1. Connect the wires with the power spades to a positive and negative power source.

2. Connect the wires with the black Crimp Housing to your device. Make sure the polarity is correct.

3. Turn your power source on.


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