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Technical Reference

This page acts as a quick reference to the most important technical details of the main products in each category….

Sound Speed in Water Calculator
Speed of Sound in Water Calculator

This calculator has inputs for temperature (℃), depth (m)/pressure (kPa), and salinity (ppt), and outputs the speed of sound in water. Some information is provided for salinity level estimation.

Electrical Cable Voltage Drop Calculator

Calculate the voltage drop for a given current through the cable or the current through the cable required for a given voltage drop!

Finding Replacement Screws for Blue Robotics Products

A reference for finding replacement screws.

Which Underwater Robotics Competition is Right for You?

Explore the many opportunities to compete in an underwater robotics competition!

Blue Robotics Connector Standard (Beta)

The Blue Robotics Connector Standard describes recommend pin configurations for various connectors and protocol types. These are used in our products to maximize inter-compatibility.

Buoyancy Calculator

Use this calculator to find the buoyancy of an object based on its displacement.

Under Pressure – Pressure Vessel Calculator

Use the Under Pressure software to calculate theoretical failure depths for various enclosures.

Pressure-to-Depth and Depth-to-Pressure Calculator

This calculator determines the water depth to reach or given pressure or the pressure at a given depth.