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How to Start an Underwater Robotics Competition Team

Learn how to start your own underwater robotics competition team, based on first-hand experience from a former coach!

Which Underwater Robotics Competition is Right for You?

Explore the many opportunities to compete in an underwater robotics competition!

Guide to Using the Bar30 with an Arduino

Get started with the Bar30 Pressure/Depth Sensor and its Arduino library!

Cable Repair Kit Guide

Learn to use the Cable Repair Kit to make quick repairs to damaged cables and other leaks!

Potting a Cable Penetrator

Learn to pot the perfect penetrator to pass a cable into your watertight enclosure!

Guide to the Thruster Commander

Get thrusters up and running quickly or create a manned thruster project!

Using Blue Robotics Components on a Competition ROV

If you’re getting started on an ROV competition team, this guide is for you!