Cable Repair Kit Guide


The Cable Repair Kit has all of the materials necessary to temporarily repair damaged cable or tether. The kit contains two specialized materials: Coax Seal and Silicone Tape. The Coax Seal is a hand moldable, non-toxic, non-conductive plastic that adheres to most surfaces and the Silicone Tape is a UV resistant and flexible tape that fuses only to itself. When used in a repair the coax seal forms a watertight barrier and the silicone tape is used to protect from debris. With these tools in hand a day of diving doesn’t have to be called off because of a damaged cable, just perform a field repair and keep going!

We spent quite a bit of time testing out these tools and trying out different ways to apply them. Our cable repairs reliably remained waterproof to 250m. That being said, our best cable repair lasted to a full 1000m in the Crushinator!


The Cable Repair Kit isn’t a permanent solution. Any damaged cables should be replaced as soon as possible. Whether the cable will remain waterproof or not is highly dependent on the quality of the repair performed.

Parts and Tools

You Will Need

You will also need:

  • Scissors

Surface Preparation


Wipe the affected area clean of any debris or moisture. Use an acetone wipe to further prepare the surface.

Prepare the Coax Seal


Cut a piece of coax seal to apply to the affected area. Don’t worry if its not enough, more can be added during the repair.


Massage the end of the coax seal to form a wide gripping area. Press the coax seal into the cable slightly below the affected area.

Wrap the Coax Seal


Stretch the coax seal as you wrap it around the cable. Overlap the previous winding by about 50% each time.

Form the Coax Seal


Use your fingers to gently mold the coax seal into one smooth piece. This doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough so that the joints are smooth and any air has been forced out.

Wrap the Silicone Tape


Cut off a similar length of silicone tape. Start wrapping the silicone tape below the coax seal. Overlap the previous winding by about 50% each time.

Finished Result!