Our Story

It all started when we decided that we wanted to try to send a solar powered robotic boat from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

It was a fun side project: build a small GPS-guided solar-powered boat and send it from Los Angeles to Hawaii, completely autonomously. We wanted to do something cool that had never been done before.

While researching components for the project, we realized that the limiting component was the thruster. We needed something high quality to resist saltwater, operate continuously, and be efficient for months on end. The least expensive options we could find were over $550 each, pushing us over our budget. Not to mention, these thrusters needed maintenance every 50 hours and were designed with outdated technology. As we did more research, we found that many people are building their own marine robots and are having the same problem. Most of them have simply given up or used less-than-ideal solutions, like using brushless motors directly in water that have to be replaced when they corrode. Some people tried to build their own thrusters, but with little success.

We set out to design a thruster that is affordable, reliable, and more capable than anything out there to enable these people and many more to explore the ocean. Now here we are.

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Blue Robotics’ most valuable asset is our incredible team who is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, selling, and supporting our products. In addition to the team-members listed below, we have a hard-working team of technicians and staff making sure that all of our products are built to high standards and delivered as quickly as possible.



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