iSENSYS is headquartered on the Space Coast of Melbourne, Florida with facilities dedicated to prototyping, machining, fabrication, composites, quality control, and performance evaluation in the pursuit of more automated and efficient data collection for military, industrial, and environmental consumers. With over 14 years of experience, iSENSYS has witnessed the challenges data collection and evaluation entities […]

Prometheus Solutions is a consultancy that supports schools in the Middle East and North Africa region by providing training for teachers, STEM hardware for classrooms, and extracurricular STEM activities for students. Prometheus supports educators by training them on new technology and changing teaching styles so they can move away from traditional lectures to a more […]

Intelligent Machines’ purpose is to design tools that will provide solutions to those who have a desire to understand and change the world. Their goal is to minimize human involvement which can reduce cost, eliminate error and risk, speed up integration, automate processes, and achieve reliable results regardless of time or operating conditions. This company […]

Astral-Subsea is made up of ocean technologists and scientists with combined decades of experience on and underwater as team leaders and team players! Their backgrounds include ultra-deepwater work for the energy sector, far-reaching expeditions in the private sector, open ocean research for academia, long-term projects for government and policymakers, and last but not least – […]

Marine Thinking Inc. is an artificial intelligence company that has been providing innovative solutions for the seafood industry since 2018. The AI and big data enriched services that are offered at Marine Thinking include – smart factory, underwater vehicles, and cold-chain logistics. At Marine Thinking, it is believed that cutting-edge technologies can help the seafood […]

24 Marine is made up of a team of highly experienced engineers who are passionate about detail-oriented efficiency. 24 Marine strongly believes in reducing human exposure in the marine industry by introducing customers to new ideas and helping them to understand and utilize the advantages of robotic solutions.

Deep Supplies is a West Australian based company with over 20 years of experience in the electronics and diving industries. Their team offers skills ranging from electronic servicing in the Royal Air Force, offshore diving, and underwater drone repairs. They are also qualified in electronic repairs, installations, inspections, and testing. Deep Supplies’ goal is to […]

Since 1991, Far Eastern Ecological Center has been working in areas that introduce the latest environmental measurement technologies. They supply oceanological, meteorological and hydrological instruments and equipment, environmental consulting services, and ROV services. FEEC Ltd also has office locations in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Moscow.

ROV Africa is passionate about expanding the use of ROVs in Southern Africa. They aim to provide easier access to the technology as well as share knowledge in the field.

uWare Robotics is an innovative company specializing in underwater robotics. They are developing ROVs and AUVs that will revolutionize sea-related industries. By combining artificial intelligence with robotics, uWare Robotics’ products enable the inspection, monitoring, and protection of underwater areas in an innovative way.