Prometheus Solutions is a consultancy that supports schools in the Middle East and North Africa region by providing training for teachers, STEM hardware for classrooms, and extracurricular STEM activities for students. Prometheus supports educators by training them on new technology and changing teaching styles so they can move away from traditional lectures to a more […]

Intelligent Machines’ purpose is to design tools that will provide solutions to those who have a desire to understand and change the world. Their goal is to minimize human involvement which can reduce cost, eliminate error and risk, speed up integration, automate processes, and achieve reliable results regardless of time or operating conditions. This company […]

Marine Thinking Inc. is an artificial intelligence company that has been providing innovative solutions for the seafood industry since 2018. The AI and big data enriched services that are offered at Marine Thinking include – smart factory, underwater vehicles, and cold-chain logistics. At Marine Thinking, it is believed that cutting-edge technologies can help the seafood […]

Temasek Allied Engineering specializes in sales, servicing, customization, and manufacturing of marine electronics. They provide calibration and verification of hydrographic and oceanographic instrumentation, as well as, customized solutions for clients in maritime robotics applications. Temasek Allied Engineering strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through solutions that minimize cost and also provide repairs in-house or on-site […]

ID OCEAN was born in 2017 to invent and supply a patented removable shark net solution to local authorities, in Reunion island. Since then, the company has diversified its activities by providing maritime engineering consultancy services. ID OCEAN also provides underwater ROV inspection and custom made products based on the Blue Robotics product line for […]

Casco Antiguo opened its first store in Spain in 1975. The company began a continuous expansion process until it reached the underwater market across all of Spain and Portugal. Casco Antiguo works every day to serve their customers with the utmost professionalism – offering great quality, pricing, and services. They are dedicated to the marketing, […]

Established in 2007, QSTAR ROV TRAINING & SUBSEA SOLUTIONS offers a long history of experience and a full range of services for the Marine Industry and Subsea Engineering projects. QSTAR distributes a wide range of underwater vehicles and sensors along with developing high-end, customized underwater robotics to suit any project. QSTAR works with their customers […]

Ocean Robotix Pvt. Ltd is a new Endeavour by four Techno-crates with decades of industrial experience in the Electronic Instrumentation field. The primary focus of this organization is to design and manufacture reliable systems for oceanographic applications; meeting the requirements of customers in India and Overseas Market. Ocean Robotix is committed to driving positive changes […]

Searover produces underwater technologies and robotic solutions with a strong staff consisting of qualified engineers, expert technicians, and technical infrastructure. They provide services in marine construction, energy, aquaculture, defense, environmental research, and archeology sectors with the technologies and products they produce. In addition to product sales, engineering and design solutions, product development, and product adaptation […]

Founded in 2017 and based in Sete, France, Marine Distribution and Consulting (MDC) specializes in marine and underwater technologies. MDC has three main focuses: At their core, MDC targets the sales, distribution, and integration of top-notch sensors and marine systems and subsystems. Second to integrations, MDC promotes research and development of bespoke solutions and production […]