Searobotix (Hangzhou AOHI Marine Engineering)

Searobotix (Hangzhou AOHI Marine Engineering)
Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise Incubation Park Room 2B02, Building No.1
452 6th Street, Qiantang New Area, Hangzhou, 310018, ZheJiang Province

+86 0571-28121679

Assembly / Modification / Rental / Repair / Stocks Batteries / Stocks Components / Training

About Searobotix (Hangzhou AOHI Marine Engineering)

Searobotix operates under the parent company Hangzhou AOHI Marine Engineering Co. Ltd promoting and popularizing underwater robots by providing high-quality, low-cost parts and consumables. Hangzhou AOHI Marine Engineering is a fast-growing innovative marine technology enterprise aiming to provide advanced and reliable marine technicians, cost-effective products, and system solutions. They are committed to the development, integration, and application of ocean technologies and products such as underwater unmanned systems and deep-sea detection technologies. Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering strives to make exploring the ocean easier and to protect the blue that survives!

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