Ocean Robotix Pvt. Ltd

Ocean Robotix Pvt. Ltd
1103, Mandhara, 20th cross, A Block
Sahakarnagar, Bengaluru 560092



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About Ocean Robotix Pvt. Ltd

Ocean Robotix Pvt. Ltd is a new Endeavour by four Techno-crates with decades of industrial experience in the Electronic Instrumentation field. The primary focus of this organization is to design and manufacture reliable systems for oceanographic applications; meeting the requirements of customers in India and Overseas Market. Ocean Robotix is committed to driving positive changes across the oceanographic monitoring industry by working in collaboration with customers and partners to increase efficiency, at lower costs. Their standard product line includes ROVs, ASVs, AUVs, and Underwater Sensors. Apart from the Oceanographic System, they also represent few companies in India to promote their products, for similar applications.

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