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About Astral-Subsea

Astral-Subsea is made up of ocean technologists and scientists with combined decades of experience on and underwater as team leaders and team players! Their backgrounds include ultra-deepwater work for the energy sector, far-reaching expeditions in the private sector, open ocean research for academia, long-term projects for government and policymakers, and last but not least – their own exploration as a life-long passion.

Using various ROVs, mapping sonars, geophysical instruments, and manned-submersibles, Astral-Subsea’s passion for marine exploration has taken them from exploring their own home reefs to the far and deep reaches in the oceans and seas across the globe. This passion and curiosity will keep on pushing this team in search of exciting projects, wherever possible! Astral-Subsea offers expertise to their clients with the aim to bring out desired results in projects they have the opportunity to take part in.

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