QSTAR ROV Training & Subsea Solutions

Established in 2007, QSTAR ROV TRAINING & SUBSEA SOLUTIONS offers a long history of experience and a full range of services for the Marine Industry and Subsea Engineering projects. QSTAR distributes a wide range of underwater vehicles and sensors along with developing high-end, customized underwater robotics to suit any project. QSTAR works with their customers to create solutions for a multiplicity of tasks across different industry sectors and specializes in professional ROV Pilot Technician Training courses that are in line with the IMCA guidelines. With a focus on their key values – Innovation, Quality, Technical Expertise, and Sustainability – QSTAR’s main goal is to offer the best possible service experience for the marine industry, on a global level.

Ocean Robotix Pvt. Ltd

Ocean Robotix Pvt. Ltd is a new Endeavour by four Techno-crates with decades of industrial experience in Electronic Instrumentation field. The primary focus of this organization is to design and manufacture reliable systems for oceanographic applications; meeting the requirements of customers in India and Overseas Market. Ocean Robotix is committed to driving positive changes across the oceanographic monitoring industry by working in collaboration with customers and partners to increase efficiency, at lower costs. Their standard product line includes ROVs, ASVs, AUVs, and Underwater Sensors. Apart from the Oceanographic System, they also represent few companies in India to promote their products, for similar applications.

Marine Distribution and Consulting

Founded in 2017, Marine Distribution and Consulting is a distribution company specializing in the fields of diving (technical, military, and amateur) and underwater robotics. Marine Distribution & Consulting markets partner products, such as ROVs, sensors, cameras, lighting, underwater LEDs, umbilicals, and submarine tools. Marine Distribution and Consulting finds solutions or service providers to your missions and your specifications. With about 20 years of professional experience, including more than 10 years spent in an international context, Marine Distribution and Consulting is based in Nimes but active worldwide through an extensive partner network.

Chick Inc.

Founded in 2017, Chick supports a wide range of customer needs from customization to maintenance. Chick conducts underwater surveys and customizes projects according to the customer’s needs.


RobotShop strongly believes that robotics can improve lives, improve the environment, and the world we live in, and even improve the human race itself. It begins with robotics in education, then robotics in the home, in all services and all industries, under water, in the field, in the air, in space, and even inside the body. The RobotShop Team is at the beginning of the innovation chain; they are making technology available to individuals worldwide. In every box that they ship, in every piece of technology that they develop or help develop, there is something that helps increase the pleasure, knowledge, liberty or security of a human being.


Xonar is dedicated to selling and renting oceanographic equipment in the Aquaculture industry such as ROVs, current meters, and more.


Tri-Chile delivers quality underwater robotic services with trained professionals. They work with different companies throughout the southern zone of Chile and deliver a quality service by quickly addressing the root of the problem.

Synchron LTD

Synchron, based in Bulgaria, targets sales in commercial and recreational diving equipment. Their mission is to provide the best possible equipment and services in the area of diving and marine technologies.


Founded in 2010, and a Blue Robotics distributor since 2015, SyERA specializes in underwater robotic and technology deployment in challenging environments. In addition to distributing Blue Robotics full product line, SyERA designs customized solutions based on Blue Robotics products.


SIX VOICE provides perfect collaboration between human and underwater robots!