BRS Robótica Submarina

BRS Robótica Submarina
Rua Primeiro de Maio, 67 Sala 307
Centro - Campos dos Goytacazes/RJ

Assembly / Modification / Rental / Repair / Stocks Batteries / Stocks Components / Training

About BRS Robótica Submarina

Founded in 2017, BRS Robótica Submarina is situated at the center of the biggest Oil and Gas Industry in Brazil. Their applications involve general infrastructure inspections, environmental and marine life monitoring, offshore operations, and interventions in shallow water with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. In addition, they offer training and third party equipment maintenance/repair. BRS Robótica Submarina develops add-ons according to client needs such as rotating brushes, customized joysticks, grabber tools, and laser measurement pointers. They are committed to safety and client satisfaction, dedicated to company growth, offer reliable equipment and services, and remain respectful and ethical in behavior.

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