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At Blue Robotics, we believe that our youth is our future! Our hope for this page is that it will provide resources to help to create hands-on, real-world experiences for students, encourage educators to implement discovery-based learning into their curriculum, and inspire a community of future thinkers and doers, driven to understand and protect our oceans.

Classroom Collaborators

Check out the map below and the list of Classroom Collaborators. These organizations are enabling educators and students around the world by providing hardware, extra-curricular STEM activities, and event management support for STEM and robotics competitions. If you would like to become a Classroom Collaborator, please let us know!
Cerebro X
Office 822, Building 02, Bay Square
Business Bay, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Stocks Components / Training

One Degree Production Service Ltd.
Flat M, 1/F, Kwai Fook Building
Lai Fong Street, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Hong Kong

Stocks Components / Training

Re-Engineering Australia Foundation
Unit 7, 20-22 Foundry Road
Seven Hills NSW 2147
+61 2 9620 9944

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