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BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit Installation

This guide will show you how to convert your BlueROV2 into the Heavy Configuration for 6 degree-of-freedom control!

Basic ESC R3 Example Code for Arduino

Learn how to control your BasicESC with an Arduino!

Guide to the Thruster Commander

Get thrusters up and running quickly or create a manned thruster project!

Basic ESC R3 Firmware Files and Customization

Learn how to customize the firmware on your BasicESC if you need different parameters!

Indicator Light Installation

Learn how to install and start using an Indicator Light!

Guide to Using a Bar100 with a Raspberry Pi

Get started with the Bar100 Pressure/Depth Sensor and its Python library!

Guide to using the Bar100 with an Arduino

Get started with the Bar100 Pressure/Depth Sensor and its Arduino library!

Water Linked BlueROV2 Integration (Retired 07 June 2019)

Integrate the Water Linked Underwater GPS Developer Kit into your BlueROV2 to see where the ROV is on a map!

SOS Leak Sensor Installation

Learn how to install and setup an SOS Leak Sensor module!

BlueROV2 Payload Skid Assembly

Add a Payload Skid to your BlueROV2 for mounting extra equipment!

Switch Installation

Learn how to quickly install the Switch on a WTE for your project!

Camera Tilt System Assembly Guide

Step by step assembly guide for the camera tilt system.

Using Blue Robotics Components on a Competition ROV

If you’re getting started on an ROV competition team, this guide is for you!

4″ Series Electronics Tray Assembly

Learn how to assemble the 4″ Electronics Tray for your own custom projects!

BlueROV2 Operation

Learn how to operate your newly built BlueROV2!

BlueROV2 Software Setup

Get your BlueROV2 connected to a topside computer, the vehicle updated, and joystick properly calibrated!

BlueROV2 Assembly

Get your BlueROV2 built quickly with this assembly guide!

Fathom-S Usage Guide

Learn how to connect a Fathom-S board to a Pixhawk or Arduino board!

Guide to Using the Bar30 with a Raspberry Pi

Get started with the Bar02 Pressure/Depth Sensor and its Python library!

Underwater Temperature Sensor
Celsius Temperature Sensor Installation and Example Code

Learn how to install the Celsius Temperature Sensor on your project!

Using the Vacuum Plug and Hand Pump

Ensure the O-ring seals are good on our WTE with this quick test!

Watertight Enclosure (WTE) Assembly

Learn the basics of assembling a Watertight Enclosure (WTE)!

Motor Disassembly/Re-Assembly

Quickly disassemble an M100 or M200!

Thruster Disassembly/Re-Assembly

Learn how to take apart your thruster for cleaning, inspection or just to see how it works!