H6 Pro Charger Firmware Unlock Guide

Using the H6 Pro Lithium Battery Charger with the unlocked firmware is intended ONLY for advanced users experienced with battery charging! Incorrect settings can cause a battery to catch fire or explode during charging or storage, resulting in property damage or serious injury!


By default the H6 PRO Lithium Battery Charger only supports 4S (14.8v) lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries of at least 8000 mAh in capacity. Follow this guide to install fully operational firmware and unlock complete current, voltage, and chemistry adjustment with additional auxiliary functions.

Before proceeding further, please review the following questions:

  • Why is it important to balance charge a lithium battery?
  • Why is storage charging a battery important? What voltage is this for a lithium-ion cell?
  • What is the termination charge per cell for a lithium battery? NiMH battery? Lead acid battery?
  • What is the danger in over discharging a lithium battery?
  • How is the energy capacity of a battery determined?

If you and anyone else who will be using this charger cannot confidently and correctly answer each of these questions, we recommend that you DO NOT unlock the firmware at this time.

You Will Need

  • An AC or DC power supply to power the charger
  • A Windows computer to run the software (Windows only supported at this time)
  • A micro USB cable to connect the H6 Pro charger to the computer
  • The HOTA HTLoader Firmware Update software
  • The appropriate firmware file (H6 PRO Full Firmware V1.0.11 to unlock)


HOTA HTLoader Firmware Update Software(.zip)

H6 PRO Full Firmware V1.0.11 (.zip)

H6 PRO Blue Robotics 4S 10A Default (Limited) Firmware V1.0 (.zip)

HOTA H6 PRO Full Manual (for advanced users with unlocked firmware ONLY) (.pdf, English)

Downloading the Files

1. Download the HOTA HTLoader Firmware Update software and the appropriate firmware from the links in the Downloads section above.

2. Unzip both the HOTA HTLoader Firmware Update software and the firmware .zip files.

Installing the Firmware

The HOTA HTLoader Firmware Update software will display a set of instructions on the start page. These instructions are not quite correct and may lead to difficulties updating the firmware. Please follow the instructions as described in this section to successfully update the charger firmware. We are working on improving the software instructions.

1. Connect the H6 Pro charger to the computer using a micro USB cable. Do not power on the charger at this time.

2. Run the HOTA HTLoader Firmware Update software and click “Open”.


3. Navigate to the folder where the firmware file was extracted to and select the firmware (.prg) file.

4. Power on the charger using the AC power cord or a DC power supply. The charger should start to beep continuously without turning on.

5. Click “Update” on the HOTA HTLoader Firmware Update software within a few seconds of powering on the charger. The software will display the progress of the firmware update. The charger screen itself will not show any activity during this process.


6. When the process completes the charger will reboot and start up normally. At this point the micro USB cable can be removed from the charger. DO NOT to disconnect the USB cable or power off the charger during the update process, this may corrupt the onboard firmware and be difficult to recover from.

The process is the same for installing either version of the firmware. To revert back to the default firmware, follow these instructions using the firmware labeled “H6 PRO Blue Robotics 4S 10A Default (Limited) Firmware V1.0”

Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial also explains the firmware update process. Just be sure to use download links provided in this guide and not the links provided in the video description.