Founded in 2010, and a Blue Robotics distributor since 2015, SyERA specializes in underwater robotic and technology deployment in challenging environments. In addition to distributing Blue Robotics full product line, SyERA designs customized solutions based on Blue Robotics products.

Founded in 2012, SEKIDO began their journey as a sales company of aerial drones. Since then, they’ve expanded their product range to underwater robotics and are dedicated to supporting installation and guidance for various applications. SEKIDO continuously grows with the fast-evolving environment of aerial and underwater drones and offers customization of products to accommodate each […]

Seascape Subsea develops high end underwater technology and distributes a wide range of underwater tools and sensors. Seascape Subsea specializes in the sales and manufacturing of underwater equipment and tools, with its own brand Novasub. Novasub includes a wide range of CCTV systems, diver radios, control units, cameras, lighting, cables, diver umbilicals, diver air panels, […]

Oceasian Technology Co.,Ltd, focuses on providing equipment and services to customers for environmental monitoring, underwater acoustic engineering, diving, and much more. Their main products include the BlueROV2, a surface power unit for the BlueROV2, 300m depth observational ROVs, underwater high speed camera systems, multibeam imaging sonars, USBL systems, and various other subsea components. Oceasian Technology’s […]

Founded in 1981, IGP has many years of experience with advising a wide variety of users on all matters relating to their projects, in and under water. IGP works closely and in partnership with manufacturers in order to be able to offer every solution. They support scientifically complex and demanding test series and investigations, as […]

BlueLink is a factory distribution and representation company that focuses on supporting the subsea scientific, military, aquaculture, petroleum, and hydro industries. The link between the customer and the right products is BlueLink’s highest priority. BlueLink is also in development of their own subsea products as well as upgrades and enhancements for the BlueROV2 systems to […]

AQUA Exploración was born during the Oil & Gas crisis in 2015. Luis Gamez identified the importance of Mini ROVs to reduce the operational cost in shallow water operations. AQUA Exploración began operations in 2018, which covers from the Oil & Gas industry to providing solutions anywhere a mini ROV can be put to use. […]