SEKIDO Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2012, SEKIDO began their journey as a sales company of aerial drones. Since then, they’ve expanded their product range to underwater robotics and are dedicated to supporting installation and guidance for various applications. SEKIDO continuously grows with the fast-evolving environment of aerial and underwater drones and offers customization of products to accommodate each customer need.

Seascape Subsea BV

Seascape Subsea develops high end underwater technology and distributes a wide range of underwater tools and sensors. Seascape Subsea specializes in the sales and manufacturing of underwater equipment and tools, with its own brand Novasub. Novasub includes a wide range of CCTV systems, diver radios, control units, cameras, lighting, cables, diver umbilicals, diver air panels, and diver containers. Seascape exclusively distributes a large number of high quality subsea products, throughout Benelux and Europe, ranging from acoustic visualization, measurements, and positioning devices to remotely operated vehicles and other components and accessories.

ROV Service Chile

ROV Service Chile offers submarine robotics service, equipment sales, and pilot training.

Oceasian Technology Co., Ltd

Oceasian Technology Co.,Ltd, focuses on providing equipment and services to customers for environmental monitoring, underwater acoustic engineering, diving, and much more. Their main products include the BlueROV2, a surface power unit for the BlueROV2, 300m depth observational ROVs, underwater high speed camera systems, multibeam imaging sonars, USBL systems, and various other subsea components. Oceasian Technology’s team is experienced in ROV renting services, fish farm observation and pipeline survey which continues to aid in maintaining great relationships with not only their customers in China, but all over the world as well.

Ben Grant and Lisa Mann of Impact Subsea are pictured here alongside a few team members of Oceasian Technology.

Ing.-Buero G. Pinnow IGP

Founded in 1981, IGP has many years of experience with advising a wide variety of users on all matters relating to their projects, in and under water. IGP works closely and in partnership with manufacturers in order to be able to offer every solution. They support scientifically complex and demanding test series and investigations, as well as surveying and construction measures in the field of offshore wind farms. Their main clients also include scientific institutes, public authorities, environmental organizations, shipyards, and surveying companies. The portfolio of products IGP offers includes ROV, AUV, side scan sonar, acoustic products, sensors, GNSS receivers, and many more!

BlueLink, LLC

BlueLink is a factory distribution and representation company that focuses on supporting the subsea scientific, military, aquaculture, petroleum, and hydro industries. The link between the customer and the right products is BlueLink’s highest priority. BlueLink is also in development of their own subsea products as well as upgrades and enhancements for the BlueROV2 systems to allow for extended operation time and sensor integration.

AQUA Exploración

AQUA Exploración was born during the Oil & Gas crisis in 2015. Luis Gamez identified the importance of Mini ROVs to reduce the operational cost in shallow water operations. AQUA Exploración began operations in 2018, which covers from the Oil & Gas industry to providing solutions anywhere a mini ROV can be put to use. AQUA Exploración offers training to beginner pilots, assembly training and modifies any ROV to provide an entire solution to any industry. They carry the whole Blue Robotics line as well as manufacture their own mini ROV line, MxScout and MxROV, which can be shipped to all of Latin America.

JM Robotics

JM Robotics was established in 2016 by Johan Hellstrøm and Magnus Kjelland-Olsen. This team is made up of two weathered men with over 30 years of subsea experience in commercial diving and ROVs both inshore and offshore. JM Robotics supplies the professional salmon industry with subsea tools and vehicles that are cost-efficient and provides a level of service and support to customers all over Scandinavia, that is unheard of in the subsea industry.

Interocean Co., Ltd

Interocean sells well known sports and commercial diving equipment as well as ROVs and have more than 500 local dealers and retailers in the Korean market.

Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering Co., Ltd

Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering promotes and popularizes underwater robots by providing high quality, low cost parts and consumables. Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering is a fast-growing innovative marine technology enterprise, aiming to provide advanced and reliable marine technicians, cost-effective products, and system solutions. They are committed to the development, integration, and application of cutting-edge marine technologies and products such as underwater unmanned systems and deep sea detection technologies. Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering strives to make exploring the ocean easier and to protect the blue that survives!