BlueROV2 Enclosure Only


Pre-wired and tested with all of the BlueROV2 electronics, this enclosure is ready-to-integrate into your custom ROV frame or other application.

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HS Code: 9014.80.4000

Product Description

This product includes the enclosure and electronics from the BlueROV2, pre-wired and ready to go! This is an excellent option if you are building a custom ROV frame and need a ready to use electronics and control solution!


4″ Series Enclosure

Advanced Electronics

Electronics Tray



Length380 mm15 in
Width114 mm4.5 in
Height114 mm4.5 in
Weight in Air2.25 kg5 lb
Cable Penetrator Holes14 x 10 mm14 x 0.4 in
Main Tube (Electronics Enclosure)Blue Robotics 4 inch series
Maximum Rated Depth100 m330 ft
Maximum Tested Depth (so far)130 m425 ft
Temperature Range0-40°C32-86°F
ESCBlue Robotics Basic 30A ESC
Gyroscope3-DOF Gyroscope (on the PixHawk)
Accelerometer 3-DOF Accelerometer (on the PixHawk)
Compass3-DOF Magnetometer (on the PixHawk)
Internal pressure Internal barometer (on the PixHawk)
Pressure/Depth and Temperature Sensor (external)Blue Robotics Bar30
Current and Voltage SensingBlue Robotics Power Sense Module
Camera Tilt
Tilt Range+/- 90 degree camera tilt (180 total range)
Tilt ServoHitec HS-5055MG
Field of View (Underwater)110 degrees (horizontal)
Light Sensitivity0.01 lux
Control System
Tether Interface BoardFathom-X Tether Interface Board
Control BoardPixhawk 1
Control SoftwareArduSub

Revision History

10 October 2018

28 August 2018

7 August 2018

24 April 2018

9 November 2017

31 August 2017

25 May 2017

  • R1 – Initial release.


Software Setup Instructions

BlueROV2 Assembly

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ArduSub GitBook Documentation (Advanced features and functions)


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