Aquaculture is one of the largest sub-cultures of the marine robotics industry with many of our friends, partners, and distributors focusing heavily on fish farming. ROVs are often used to visually monitor the farms while manipulators and other accessories are used for mortality extraction and maintenance. One area of aquaculture where there is much room […]

We all know the ocean holds endless keys to our past, yet it is not often we have the opportunity to discover and understand the history of our underwater world. ⁣ Ocean Secrets has brought to us one of the most unique uses for

When engineers have some spare time in the middle of nowhere, bizarre things can happen. Our friends at Vectrino (inspired by the Philippe Stark chair) decided to make very interesting use of their time… After finding an old piece of wood by the lake, they cleaned it up, 3D scanned it, compared it to the […]

Many of us can relate to losing something meaningful to the forces of the ocean. I still remember the seafoam green Nike shorts I lost on a kayaking adventure back in 2013. RIP. Sometimes the losses are purely sentimental, but many times, especially in a commercial setting, the losses can be extremely costly. Regardless of […]

By: Elisa M., Blue Robotics We often hear about the lack of clean water in third world countries, but the issue becomes much more relevant when it hits close to home. For residents of the United States, the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan has raised awareness and has influenced countless investigations of other water […]

Climate change is transforming our planet faster than ever. Depending on your location on the globe, you may be experiencing extreme effects or none at all. Unfortunately, residents living near The Ngozumpa, one of Nepal’s largest and longest glaciers are experiencing the effects first hand. At the start of the monsoon this past summer, one […]

The statistics regarding ocean trash are staggering. According to National Geographic, there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean, and of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface. But for one South African entrepreneur, one man’s trash is another man’s business venture. Richard Hardiman and RanMarine have developed a solar-powered unmanned […]