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Blue Robotics “Make it Swim” 3D Design Contest!

We love a little bit of healthy competition, so for our latest contest, we called all 3D designers to the challenge of creating a component suited for marine robotics applications! Not only did we want to get the creative juices flowing, but we also wanted to celebrate becoming a featured brand on which is why we asked for all submissions to be uploaded to aka the holy grail of 3D printable models!

We then waited for the authentic and creative 3D-printable designs to start flowing in, and we were not disappointed. Our Blue Robotics humans made up the panel of judges and chose the winners based on originality, functionality, and aesthetics. The stakes were high with a $1K prize up for grabs!

Being the creative and fervent marine enthusiasts our community is made up of, of course the submissions blew us out of the water, and we couldn’t just choose one winner, so we chose 5!

The results are in, have a look for yourself below!

Best Overall:
TetraROV by Ming Jin Yong


Best Vehicle Design:
CubeBot by Bots Overkill


Best Vehicle Design:
(because there just needed to be 2 winners for this category) NIU ROV by Poseidon Robotics


Most creative:
MSS by Gunnar Fallberg


Most useful:
Thruster Guard by Tim Pierce


By the way, you can view ALL of these on our printables page under “collections.” Even though the contest is over, if you feel a wave of creativity roll over you – you can always upload designs to and send them our way for a chance to be featured in our collections!