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5th Annual(ish) Customer Survey Results!

Hey there, friends! Welcome back to another annual-ish customer survey summary. It’s been two years since our last survey and we’re stoked to have received so much feedback as it helps us continue to grow as a company and develop products for the industry!

As you can probably tell from past survey results, our customers are literally everyone! So this year, we want to focus on the new and exciting stuff 😜 What products would you like to see on The Reef? What do you think of BlueOS? And we obviously can’t forget about BlueBoat! What accessories and features would be most valuable to you?!

The Reef

In an effort to bring more products to market and help create a one-stop (marine robotics) shop, we launched The Reef back in July! We plan to provide a platform for all the cool, innovative products you’ve been dying to get your hands while making them easier to integrate by adding the appropriate connectors, mounts, and cables, developing the necessary BlueOS extensions, and writing integration guides! With this new segment comes endless possibilities, so we obviously wanted to know what products you’d love to see on there (although we could probably guess).


Ranking at the top are better/more camera options!!! Quickly followed by acoustic positioning systems, sidescan sonars (we’re looking at you, Cerulean Omniscan), and manipulators! We have big plans for The Reef, so be sure to keep checking back for all the future goodies.


It’s been a big year for us at Blue Robotics and BlueOS, our brand new software system, is a huge part of that! Our software team (BRazil) has put in a ton of effort and it has clearly paid off. While only around 33% of surveyors have tried BlueOS, over 83% gave it over a rating of 4 or more. The ratings that were on the lower end were related to previous beta versions, so we think we’re doing alriiight.


When it comes to how surveyors use the data generated by their marine robots, it’s a tie between “I save all of the data and review it after each mission” and “I would like to have better tools to store, organize, and view the data.”


OH speaking of BlueOS, we now have a Cockpit logo, so you’ll probably definitely want to check that out!


Ahhhh, yes… BlueBoat, our new pride and joy (don’t worry, BlueROV2 – you will always be our baby ❤️). We spent the year diligently working to get BlueBoat launched to the public and the time has finally come! So now, it’s time to get all sorts of excited about which fun accessories and features you want to integrate on YOUR boat.


Multibeam echosounders took the cake for the most desirable accessory, but cellular communications, GPS system, and a winch to lower sensors into the water were all up there. Looks like we have some work to do 😉

As always, we want to thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey, but remember we are always looking for feedback and you don’t have to wait until our survey comes out to tell us your thoughts – drop a line on our community forums or submit it through our feedback form! Until next time, sea ya 👋 🌊