Basic 30A ESC (w/ forward/reverse firmware) (Retired)


END OF LIFE: This product will be discontinued in the future. We recommend getting the new Basic ESC R3 instead.

A simple electronic speed controller for the T100 and T200 Thrusters.

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HS Code: 8504.40.40


This model replaces the original Basic ESC. Its a bit smaller and we’ve added a heatsink to keep the same thermal properties, but the functionality remains the same.

An electronic speed controller (ESC) is necessary to run any three-phase brushless motor like BlueRobotics’ thrusters. This 30 amp ESC is sufficient for the T100 and T200 thrusters.

Key Features

  • Simple, robust brushless electronic speed controller
  • High speed update rate up to 1,000 Hz.
  • Forward/reverse rotation direction for forward/reverse thrust
  • Open-source, reprogrammable firmware to allow custom changes


The firmware for this ESC is open-source and available on the BlueRobotics Github page.

You can also download the compiled hex file here:



Voltage 8.4-25.2 volts
Current 30 amps
Power Connectors Bare
Motor Connectors 3.5 mm female bullet connector
Signal Pulse-width (PWM)
Max Reverse: 1100 μs
Stopped:       1500 μs
Max Forward: 1900 μs
Deadband:   1475-1525 μs
Length 1.9 in 48 mm
Width 0.7 in 18 mm
Thickness 0.5 in 13 mm
Weight 0.05 lb 22 g

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