Basic ESC R3 Firmware Files and Customization


A simple electronic speed controller for the T100/T200 Thrusters and M100/M200 Motors. This new R3 version is based on the BLHeli ESC design with upgraded features and performance!

Firmware Files

The firmware configuration settings file for BLHeliSuite can be downloaded here:


Detailed documentation for BlHeli_S operation and settings can be downloaded here:

BLHeli_S Version 16.x manual

Firmware Update and Customization

The Basic ESC uses version 16.6 of the BLHeli_S firmware which is open source and editable. There are many parameters that can be changed to alter the performance of the speed controller by flashing the ESC through the PWM signal wire using a programming tool like the Turnigy USB Linker, the AfroESC Programmer, or an Arduino. The BLHeliSuite software can be used for accessing the ESC firmware and configuring it.

The Basic ESC uses an SiLabs microcontroller and is Oneshot 125 capable.