T200 Thruster Core


Replacement T200 thruster core, available for either the standard T200 or T200 BlueROV2 Spare (0.5m cable w/penetrator).

HS Code: 8501.31.4000

Product Description

Replacement T200 thruster core.

The T200 Thruster Core variation includes complete core assembly comprised of stator and base with 1m cable and bearings. It is the same assembly used in the standard T200.

The ROV Thruster Core variation includes complete core assembly comprised of stator and base with 0.5m cable, bearings, and pre-installed cable penetrator. It is the same assembly used in the T200 BlueROV2 Spare.


  • 1 x T200 Thruster core assembly with selected cable variation


See respective T200 product pages for thruster specifications:

3D Models

T200-THRUSTER-R1 (.zip)

Revision History

19 September 2014

  • R1 – Initial Release

Quick Start

1. Connect motor wires to ESC and connect the ESC to power and a signal.

2. Send a signal and the thruster will start spinning. That’s it.

T200 Quickstart

Important Notes

Always practice caution when you’re working with electricity in water and with the spinning blades of the propeller. Keep body parts away from the thruster inlet and outlet to avoid injury.

Do not operate the thruster for extended periods out of water. The bearings are lubricated by the water and vibration and noise will be greater when dry.

Do not use threadlocking compounds like Loctite on any part of the thruster. It will damage the plastic and cause it to become brittle.

The thruster can handle saltwater environments pretty well, but it does not get along with seaweed. Avoid sucking seaweed into the thruster to avoid damage.


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