Celsius Fast-Response, ±0.1°C Temperature Sensor (I2C)


This high-accuracy, fast-response temperature sensor comes sealed and ready to use for temperature profiling, lab measurements, and more!

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HS Code: 8534.00.00.40

Product Description

The Celsius temperature sensor is a fast-response, high-accuracy temperature sensor that is sealed from the water, protected by an aluminum cage, and ready to install in a watertight enclosure. Use it to make depth/temperature profiles, surface temperature profiles, and accurate measurements in any fluid.

The sensor is the Measurement Specialties TSYS01, which is accurate to ±0.1°C and communicates over I2C. It comes standard with a 4-pin DF13 connector and compatible with most DroneCode compatible boards including the APM2.6, PixHawk, and others.

The TSYS01 sensor itself has a fast time response and we designed the whole package to maintain that speed to allow accurate temperature profile measurements even while descending/ascending quickly. The Celsius sensor has a response time constant of 1 second (with 0.5 m/s flow) and 2 seconds (in still water).

An anodized aluminum cage around the sensor protects it from damage. The body of the sensor is designed around the cable penetrator design and is compatible with all of the watertight enclosures.

The electrical schematic and board layout are open-source and the design files are available in the Technical Details tab. Feel free to adapt for your own needs.


  • 1 x Celsius Temperature Sensor
  • 1 x O-ring
  • 1 x Nut


Supply Voltage3.3 to 5.5 volts
I2C Logic Voltage (SDA and SCL)3.3 volts
Peak Current1.4 mA
Mating Connector Hirose 4-pos DF13 available on Digi-Key
Operating Temperature-40 to +125°C-40 to 257°F
Storage Temperature-55 to +150°C-67 to 302°F
Absolute Accuracy+/- 0.1°C (when used between -5 to 50°C)+/- 0.18°F
+/- 0.5°C (when used between -40 to 125°C)+/- 0.9°F
Operating Depth0 - 975 m0 - 3200 ft
Recommended Through Hole Size10.2 mm13/32"

2D Drawings

Celsius 2D

3D Models


PENETRATOR-M-NUT-10-8-R2 (.zip)


TSYS01 Datasheet (PDF)

Celsius Temperature Sensor Schematic (PDF)

Revision History

January 26th, 2016

  • R1 – Initial release

Quick Start

1. Download TSYS01 Arduino Library.

2. Install software such as the Example Code to your microcontroller.

3. Connect the DF13 or bare wires to the appropriate microcontroller pins, using a logic level converter if your board has 5V logic:

  • Green: SCL (3.3V logic)
  • White: SDA (3.3V logic)
  • Red: +2.5-5.5V
  • Black: Ground


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