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Underwater History with an ROV

We all know the ocean holds endless keys to our past, yet it is not often we have the opportunity to discover and understand the history of our underwater world.


Ocean Secrets has brought to us one of the most unique uses for ROVs we have seen thus far. As an environmental cruise company out of Vigo, Spain, they provide underwater heritage tours of the Vigo estuary for those on board. Using their ROV, Nemo, they are able to show their customers the mussels, fauna, and sunken boats at the bottom of the sea while giving an oral history lesson of the battles and lost treasures of the area.


They have built their ROV with 8 T200 thrusters, an IP 4k varifocal camera system, a quick, on-off ignition system, and epoxy coated polyurethane buoyancy foam!⁣

For more on their custom build, check out our forums!