Aquaculture is one of the largest sub-cultures of the marine robotics industry with many of our friends, partners, and distributors focusing heavily on fish farming. ROVs are often used to visually monitor the farms while manipulators and other accessories are used for mortality extraction and maintenance. One area of aquaculture where there is much room […]

One of our very favorite things to see in this industry is the collaborative effort between our friends and partners. Working together allows us to bounce ideas, share knowledge, inspire innovation, and challenge each other, yielding incredible results. In the spirit of this, we are excited to share that Delta ROV in the Philippines and […]

We all know the ocean holds endless keys to our past, yet it is not often we have the opportunity to discover and understand the history of our underwater world. ⁣ Ocean Secrets has brought to us one of the most unique uses for

Do you ever wonder what robots could do if they had minds of their own? We do, too. Meet our friend and partner, Antonella Wilby, a National Geographic Explorer whose current research focuses on developing vision-based algorithms for underwater robots. The goal of her research is to create semi-autonomous robots that are both curious and […]

One of our favorite things about Blue Technology is the impact it is making on ocean health and conservation efforts. While many researchers use ROVs for monitoring marine life and coral reefs, our friend, Allison Chua, is using her BlueROV2 in a multinational collaboration on oil spill research. ⁣ ⁣ Based out of a lab […]

We recently had the pleasure of partnering with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles’ DISCO Program on their L.A. Urban Ocean Expedition aimed at expanding their eDNA database. If you are unfamiliar with eDNA, this is DNA found in the environment (rather than an organism itself) which allows us to determine what organisms have […]

Hello all, welcome to our official recap of the RoboBoat competition in South Daytona, Florida! As some of you may know, Blue Robotics and RoboNation have a long, mutually inspiring history and BR has been lucky enough to sponsor RoboSub for 5 years now as well as RobotX for the first time in December, 2018. […]

Hello friends! It is competition season and we are beyond excited to spend the next few months supporting and recognizing the hard work and innovation being brought to our industry by the students of STEM. This season we are hosting a rolling, themed photo contest with prizes (and hashtags) each step of the way! Let’s […]

When engineers have some spare time in the middle of nowhere, bizarre things can happen. Our friends at Vectrino (inspired by the Philippe Stark chair) decided to make very interesting use of their time… After finding an old piece of wood by the lake, they cleaned it up, 3D scanned it, compared it to the […]