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Using ArduSub to Power a Custom ROV

If you are a BlueROV2 user, you are probably familiar with the open-source software project, ArduSub, and how it can open the door for countless possibilities for your vehicle and its capabilities. But, did you know ArduSub is used for a myriad of vehicles that are NOT the BlueROV2?

Reefsweeper, powered by ArduSub.

Reefsweeper, powered by ArduSub.

Our friends at SeaView Systems have designed the Reefsweeper, a custom ROV developed for Atlantic Lionshare to capture lionfish, an invasive species from the Indo-Pacific that are posing a major threat to the overall health of marine ecosystems. Reefsweeper uses ArduSub, a branch of the open-source ArduPilot software, to perform the important mission of capturing lionfish, protecting the reefs while providing fresh fish to local restaurants and markets!

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