The BlueROV2 is being used in countless applications, from fish farm mort extraction to exploring sunken ship wrecks, from deep reef dives to recovering lost objects. Our family of users across the globe certainly keep us on our toes and keep us wondering – what else is down there? Below is a curated playlist of […]

Greetings from my couch, subsea enthusiasts! As we are learning to adjust to the COVID-19 “new normal,” I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on some positive things that are happening on or below (or just related to) the water’s surface. So, without further ado, some subsea stories to self-isolate to! MBARI Live Streams […]

If you are a BlueROV2 user, you are probably familiar with the open-source software project, ArduSub, and how it can open the door for countless possibilities for your vehicle and its capabilities. But, did you know ArduSub is used for a myriad of vehicles that are NOT the BlueROV2? ⁣ Our friends at SeaView Systems […]

Hi friends! We are excited to introduce the newly redesigned 2″ Locking Watertight Enclosure Series! There are lots of little changes that will make this generation of watertight housing components more robust and secure – let us share some background and explain the key features! 🔑🔒 Background The 4″ Watertight Enclosure Series was one of […]

Hello vampires, werewolves, and otherkin! A few weeks ago, the BR coven traveled down to San Diego for the 22nd Annual RoboSub Competition! The missions were fierce and the life force was strong, with a record 54 teams participating in this year’s court! What is RoboSub, you ask? RoboSub is an exciting underwater robotics competition […]

The Arctic is a place of extraordinary extremes: brutally cold temperatures, intense winds, and incredibly vast landscapes. Very few people get to experience these extremes first hand, but it’s important that as a population, we understand how the dramatically changing region will affect people and wildlife around the world. In the summer months of 2019, […]

Friends, hello! A couple of weeks ago we attended (for the 4th year in a row!) the MATE International ROV Competition and we are excited as ever for the future of marine robotics. Before we dive into a recap, let’s take a look at some throwbacks from previous competitions! But First, What is MATE? The […]

Our customers are are some of the most innovative creatures out there – they are studying marine life, exploring shipwrecks, surveying coral reefs, and advancing human knowledge of the ocean. The products in this update will be familiar but they are new to our store – they’ve been added to help make our customers lives […]