What are the T100 and T200 Thrusters?

When we first set out to design an affordable thruster, we modeled it after existing thrusters: it was a motor enclosed in a sealed tube using, in our case, a magnetic couple to link the motor to the propeller. After a lot of work, several prototypes, and some frustration, we realized that the conventional design is far from the best design. We started from the ground up with what we think is a revolutionary design that results in a smaller, less expensive, and more capable product.

The BlueRobotics T100 and T200 (patented) are, in essence, brushless electric motors. The unique thing about them is that all of their components are sealed from water by a protective coating and the motor is tightly integrated with the propeller and nozzle to create the most compact design possible. This design eliminates seals, oil, grease, and metal bearings completely.

High Performance Engineering

Custom High-Performance Propeller and Kort Nozzle

The T100 and T200 were designed by two aerospace engineers and we put our aerospace training to use. A custom propeller and nozzle was designed for the high static thrust needed by ROVs and AUVs. Counter-rotating propellers are available to counter torque.

Efficient Motor Design

The thrusters use an efficient three-phase brushless motor design. High-performance plastic bearings minimize friction while active water cooling keeps the motor windings cool and minimizes heat losses.



Elegant and Simple Design

Compact Design

The T100 is 36% shorter than the next available competitor. This is possible because of the tight integration between the motor, propeller, and nozzle and results in a smaller robot with more open space for sensors and other robotics equipment.

Simple, Versatile Mounting Options

Four threaded holes attach directly to the vehicle or to a mounting bracket allowing the thruster to be attached to almost anything. The thrusters shown to the left show how the mounting bracket can be installed in a front-to-back or side-to-side orientation.

Reliable and Rugged

Corrosion-Proof in Saltwater

Plastic and stainless steel make for a thruster that does not corrode in saltwater. All electrical components are encased in potting that’s resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Every component on the thruster has been exposure-tested with saltwater in our lab for thousands of hours.

Zero Maintenance Required

Currently available thrusters require maintenance approximately every 50 hours to change seals and grease. Our thrusters, on the other hand, are designed to operate continuously for months or even years. Every component can handle thousands of hours of use.


More Details

For more details, including specifications, performance, drawings, and CAD models, check out the individual thruster pages on the store.

T100 Thruster

T200 Thruster