BLUART USB to Serial and RS485 Adapter


This compact adapter connects to USB and provides a TTL serial port or RS485 serial port connection. Recommended for use with the Ping Sonar.

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HS Code: 8473.30.1180

Product Description

The BLUART USB to Serial and RS485 Adapter is a tiny circuit board capable of interfacing via USB with devices that use serial UART or RS485 communications.

UARTs (more commonly known as serial ports) are used on a wide range of devices such as Arduino microcontrollers, subsea sensors, and our Ping Sonar. A UART uses separate transmit (TX) and receive (RX) signal lines, which allows full-duplex communication.

RS485 is a variation of serial communication intended for communication over long cable lengths. RS485 uses a differential signal on a twisted pair of wires, which protects the signal integrity over hundreds of meters of cable length. The same wires are used for both transmitting and receiving, so you can only do one at a time. This is called half-duplex. Many subsea sensors and tools including sonars, water chemistry sensors, and manipulators use RS485 communication.

The BLUART has JST-GH connector ports and through-hole options for either serial UART or RS485 connections. Only one connection type may be used at a time. The indicator lights signal for adequate power and when receiving and/or transmitting data.

The BLUART is open-source and the schematic is freely available.


  • 1 x BLUART USB to Serial and RS485 Adapter
  • 1 x 6-pin female header pin socket
  • 1 x 4-pin female header pin socket


Maximum Supply Voltage5.0 volts
Communication ProtocolsSerial UART to USB
RS485 to USB
Length25 mm0.98 in
Width16 mm0.63 in
Height10 mm0.39 in
Weight in Air2.2 g0.07 oz

Revision History

29 January 2019

  • R1 – Initial Release


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BLUART USB to Serial and RS485 Adapter Schematic


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