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Re-release of the M200 Motor!

Hello blue friends!

It is with great joy that we announce the re(re)release of the M200 Motor! For those of you who have been on the ride with us for the long haul, you may remember the last time we tried to relaunch the M200 – sometimes you just gotta go fast and break things 😉

We went all the way back to square 1 (or I’m not sure, somewhere near the beginning, that’s an R&D q) and we’ve rebuilt the M200 to be better and badder than ever. The end result is what will power our beloved BlueBoat, but we are releasing a standard variant with a 1m long cable today! Check out the full specs on our product page: M200 Motor for USVs, AUVs, and Subsea Applications.

We’re also launching the weedless propeller that will come with every BlueBoat. It easily thrashes through any debris in it’s path with it’s long, swept blades!

We also recruited our dear friend Tony White to make an underwater cleaning brush so we could show off how strong it is. Check out this compilation he made while helping out the Ocean Defenders Alliance with a harbor cleanup!

That’s it! We’re super stoked to see how you incorporate the M200 Motor into your builds!