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Introducing The Reef + Water Linked’s DVL A50!

Hello everyone!

We are so so so pumped to announce a new initiative we’re launching today, with the release of the Water Linked DVL A50 on our store! It’s called The Reef and it’s a curated collection of products from some of the most innovative companies in the industry that will take your marine robotics efforts to the next level!

In an effort to support our mission of enabling the future of marine robotics, we are collaborating with industry partners, including those who do not have their own platform, to bring more products to market. Not only are we creating a one-stop shop for marine robotics that doesn’t already exist, we are also test-driving products to ensure we are supporting the best of the best at a reasonable price-point. We are then making the products easier to integrate by adding the appropriate connectors, mounts, and cables, developing the necessary BlueOS extensions, and writing integration guides! We can’t wait for the future of The Reef!

We’ve been working with our friends at Water Linked for a while now and we are excited to embark on this new journey with these acoustic magicians by our side.

So, what is DVL anyway? Well, it stands for Doppler velocity logger, and it provides the accurate measurements needed for position holding and autonomous navigation capabilities for the BlueROV2 (+ other vehicles!) We’ve taken the super innovative A50 and added a few things (like a WetLink Penetrator and a bracket) and we’ve made a BlueOS extension to make integration with the BlueROV2 easy peasy!!!

Check out the launch video below plus the product page for all the DVL details!

We’ll be releasing more products on the Reef in the near future – our peers in the industry are doing some seriously rad stuff out there and we can’t wait to see how our community expands with each new partnership! Oh and PS – we made some new swag too!