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New Products! Subsea Buoyancy Foam, Cable Penetrators, and parts

We are excited to announce the release of a number of new products today! In addition to thrusters, there are a whole lot of other things you’ll need to get your underwater creation in the water.

Subsea Buoyancy Foam

Need something to help your ROV float? This Subsea Buoyancy Foam is just what you’re looking for! Comes in four sizes.

The Subsea Buoyancy Foam is a machinable, hydrostatic pressure-resistant foam that provides buoyancy underwater (to depths of 300 ft, uncoated or 600 ft coated). Its closed-cell structure is engineered to resist penetration by water. Due to its pressure resistance to many fluids and resins, it is also used in resin-transfer molding as a core material. The foam semi-submersible foam is optimal for shallow to mid-water underwater robotics applications.

Here are a few examples of ROVs that use buoyancy foam for stability and floatation:


Cherokee ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

Cable Penetrators and Silicone Grease

We also now have Cable Penetrators and Silicone Grease for your water-tight enclosures.

The cable penetrators make waterproof, high-pressure seals to pass the thruster cables into a water-tight enclosure. Each set includes a bolt, nut, and o-ring. We have cable penetrators with a hole for the thruster cable and also with no hole. These connectors are DIY: after inserting the cable, you pot both sides with sealant. Silicone grease is used to lubricate o-rings and other seals to make sure that they do their job. The grease helps the o-rings slide and fills in any tiny imperfections that might otherwise leak.

Spare Thruster Parts

We’ve added a few more spare parts in our store, including spare propeller sets for the T200 and spare BlueESC cables, sold by the meter.

The spare T200 propeller set includes two spare propellers, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise. In addition to the T200 Thruster, the propellers will also fit on the M200 (coming soon) and could be used with a custom-built nozzle. The BlueESC cables can be used to increase the length or you can use them to power other devices underwater. The BlueESC Power Cable has two 16 gauge conductors the BlueESC Signal Cable has four 22 gauge conductors, both with a tough urethane jacket. They’re cut to length when you order, so you can order lengths greater than the 1 meter that comes with the thruster.

Thanks for reading!