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New Products! (sort of)

Our customers are are some of the most innovative creatures out there – they are studying marine life, exploring shipwrecks, surveying coral reefs, and advancing human knowledge of the ocean. The products in this update will be familiar but they are new to our store – they’ve been added to help make our customers lives a little easier, so we may continue to push the boundaries of ocean exploration together!

Updated Water Linked Underwater GPS / BlueROV2 Integration Kit R2

This kit provides a few additional cables for the Water Linked Underwater GPS system to allow it to seamlessly integrate with the BlueROV2 system – the R2 version is better integrated with FXTI and uses Binder 770 connectors.

Battery Cell Checker

The Battery Cell Checker plugs into the battery balance plug and tells you cell voltages, overall pack voltage, and overall state-of-charge. It’s a great field tool to check your batteries and make sure they are ready for each dive! We keep one with us during every dive.

I2C Bus Splitter

The I2C Bus Splitter allows you to connect more I2C devices by sharing the same bus. It has header pin holes, DF13 connectors, and JST-GH connectors for abundant compatibility with all the things!

T200 Propeller Set

We’ve added a couple of other of color options for the T200 propeller – we love seeing those customized thrusters out in the wild!

Nido Robotics’ Sibui Pro

Bar100 and Bar02 Depth/Pressure Sensor

We’ve updated the body of the Bar100 to be made of PEEK instead of aluminum – we’ve changed the material to avoid galvanic corrosion. We’ve also added the Bar02 PCB to the store for projects where it is tightly integrated.

BlueROV2 Odds and Ends!

We’ve added a bunch of little bits of the ROV to our store to make building with BR a tad more convenient 😉

Aaaand that’s all we’ve got for now! Thanks for reading and see ya next time!

Notable Replies

  1. How’s the strength of the PEEK versus aluminum? Do we need to take it a little easier with the penetrator tool?

  2. Hi @corndog,

    We made the wall thickness of the BAR100’s bolt thicker so that it’s stronger, but PEEK is a little weaker than aluminum so it’s a good idea to be gentle. We haven’t had any issues in our testing but there’s no reason it need to be super tight!


  3. Yeah I remember the instructions saying it basically only needs to be tight enough so that it doesn’t turn by hand, but it’s a peace-of-mind thing to put a little extra oomph on it so things don’t vibrate loose over time. I’m going to order one and I’ll make sure not to go full gorilla on it.

  4. It may be a silly idea. How about the possibility of buying clock wise propellers from one color and counter clock wise propellers from another one? For those not interested in aesthetics but interested in functionality would appreciate to know which propeller type are mounting just with a glance even from far distance.

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