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New Products! Potting Kit, 14-Hole End-cap, and PCBs for Bar30 and Celsius Sensors

Howdy and happy World Water Day! Today we are introducing a few new products: a potting kit that will make life a little easier, a new end cap for the 4″ Series Watertight Enclosure, and PCB versions of our temperature and depth/pressure sensors!

Potting Kit

When it comes to potting, we’ve got you covered! Potting is a necessity when working with electronics in a marine environment, and specifically for a few of our products, including the M100 and M200 Motors and the Cable Penetrators.

We go through lots of syringes, needles, mixing sticks, and cups every day during production and we figured we’d put together a kit as a convenience for you. This kit works great with Loctite Marine Epoxy and most other potting compounds. Each kit comes with 10 each of 10mL syringes, luer tips, mixing sticks, and cups.

Aluminum End Cap with 14 Holes (4″ Series)

Next up is a new end cap option for the 4″ Series Watertight Enclosure. As with the solid and 10-hole aluminum end cap, this end cap is stronger, easier to machine, and provides a better depth rating than the clear acrylic end caps. With 14 holes, this end cap gives you even more flexibility with your enclosure!

Celsius Temperature Sensor PCB & Bar30 Depth/Pressure Sensor PCB

Lastly, we are releasing the bare boards of the Celsius Temperature Sensor and the Bar30 Depth/Pressure Sensor we released back in January.

These PCBs are perfect for integrating the sensors more directly into your project and for applications where waterproofing is not necessary. Remember, both of these are open-source and the design files are freely available.