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New Product: H6 PRO Lithium Battery Charger

Friends! It has been too long since we have launched a new product, and we must admit, we are pretty charged up for this one. Introducing… the H6 PRO Battery Charger!

We’ve had lots of requests for a simpler, easier to use charger than our original Lithium Battery Charger. That charger, while powerful and full of features, can be a bit intimidating for less experienced users with its many menu options and auxiliary features. At the same time, many have grown to depend on some of the more advanced features of the old charger, like charging other battery chemistries, discharging, and checking internal resistance.

We decided to address everyone’s needs and have the best of both worlds in one product – the H6 PRO Lithium Battery charger is the perfect solution for everyone with a BlueROV2 or using our battery, no matter how many or few charger features are needed! And good news for our British mates, we will now be offering a UK plug alongside a North American/Japanese, European, and Australian/Chinese plug!


Locked by default to a 10A 4S charge cycle or storage mode perfect for use with our 18 Ah Lithium-ion battery, there’s no need to worry about scrolling through multiple menus or double-checking the manual to make sure it’s set up to properly charge. Just plug it in, select full charge or battery storage, and hit start! The battery will be perfectly charged to full or storage voltage in 1-2 hours.

Want more features or feel limited by the default setting? We’ve got that covered too, with a simple firmware update over USB, it’s easy to unlock the full capability of the H6 PRO Battery Charger! Charging multiple battery chemistries and cell counts up to 25.2 V, at up to 200 W on AC power or 700 W DC are a breeze. There are a multitude of additional features too, which are described in the full manual available for download on the product page, along with instructions on how to unlock the firmware.

H6 Pro in the wild, at the Port of Long Beach.

H6 Pro in the wild, at the Port of Long Beach.

The H6 PRO Lithium Battery Charger is a drop-in upgrade for the original version, no matter how it’s used. Our team has already started using the new version and they are totally amped on all the new features Stock of the old version will be available through our distributors until supplies run out!


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Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for btrue btrue says:

    @emiller Is there any reasons to ‘upgrade’, or is it literally a simpler version of the old Blue Robotics battery charger with no new benefits? I know that my ‘old’ version couldn’t be easier to use since it remembers that last used setting. Just plug both battery plugs in and hold down the start button.

    Edit: I noticed that the picture you shared had a battery with plenty of balancing cable. It’s a very tight fit with my battery because the balancing cable is extremely short. Did that charger have an extension cable or are the batteries different?

  2. Avatar for adam adam says:

    Hi @btrue,

    If the original charger is working well for you, then there is no big reason to upgrade. Some benefits include the much smaller size, quieter operation, and better user interface with more relevant charging and battery health information.

    If you upgrade the charger firmware to the full version, there are various additional features you may find useful, such as a PWM input/output for measuring PWM signals or testing servos/ESCs.

    Yes, the new H6 PRO charger includes 2x 4S balance extension leads.


  3. Hi !
    I use your new H6 Pro charger with my customised BlueROV and I want to be able to charge some specific batteries with other charging specifications than the one in your locked firmware, but I want the firmware to stay locked :slight_smile:
    So I want to be able to modify your locked firmware, or to be able to create mine.
    Can you give me some information about how to do ?
    I will be greatful.
    All the best,

  4. Avatar for adam adam says:

    Hi @Pierrick,

    Unfortunately the firmware is proprietary to the manufacturer, and we do not have the ability to change it ourselves. It is not possible to create a custom firmware easily.

    At this time, the only two firmware options available to load are locked 4S lithium-ion/polymer at 10A, or fully unlocked.

    You can try contacting HOTA directly to see if they are willing to create a firmware for you.


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