Hello everyone! It is with great excitement that we introduce a new concept and new products. Today we’re announcing a concept that we’ve been thinking about for years: the WetLink family of products. The WetLink family helps you connect electrical things underwater. It’s starting off as a series of new penetrators and tools but we […]

Friends! It has been too long since we have launched a new product, and we must admit, we are pretty charged up for this one. Introducing… the H6 PRO Battery Charger! We’ve had lots of requests for a simpler, easier to use charger than our original Lithium Battery Charger. That charger, while powerful and full […]

So, you’ve made the decision to order Blue Robotics products (yay!), but now you’re wondering, “Should I order directly or through a Distributor?” This decision is typically based on personal preference and both are great platforms for ordering! Our Distributors add an immense amount of value to our products and customer experience – they are […]

The BlueROV2 is being used in countless applications, from fish farm mort extraction to exploring sunken ship wrecks, from deep reef dives to recovering lost objects. Our family of users across the globe certainly keep us on our toes and keep us wondering – what else is down there? Below is a curated playlist of […]

One of our very favorite things to see in this industry is the collaborative effort between our friends and partners. Working together allows us to bounce ideas, share knowledge, inspire innovation, and challenge each other, yielding incredible results. In the spirit of this, we are excited to share that Delta ROV in the Philippines and […]

Greetings from my couch, subsea enthusiasts! As we are learning to adjust to the COVID-19 “new normal,” I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on some positive things that are happening on or below (or just related to) the water’s surface. So, without further ado, some subsea stories to self-isolate to! MBARI Live Streams […]

The Arctic is a place of extraordinary extremes: brutally cold temperatures, intense winds, and incredibly vast landscapes. Very few people get to experience these extremes first hand, but it’s important that as a population, we understand how the dramatically changing region will affect people and wildlife around the world. In the summer months of 2019, […]

Back in September, we were contacted by the Center for Marine Robotics at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). If you’re not familiar with them, they’re the best of the best when it comes to undersea robotics. They generously offered to test a few of our thrusters in their test chambers, which are capable of simulating […]