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ROV Arctic Exploration

The Arctic is a place of extraordinary extremes: brutally cold temperatures, intense winds, and incredibly vast landscapes. Very few people get to experience these extremes first hand, but it’s important that as a population, we understand how the dramatically changing region will affect people and wildlife around the world. In the summer months of 2019, a group of scientists, students, a filmmakers had an opportunity to explore this ever-changing region and conduct a wide range of research and communication activities. Lucky for us, our friends on Northwest Passage Project decided to bring along a BlueROV2 to get in on the action!


The team deployed their BlueROV2 on an icefloe near Barrow Strait in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Tools and instruments don’t always function as expected in the extreme and harsh conditions of the arctic, but it looks like this BlueROV enjoyed its little ice bath!


The Northwest Passage Project is a collaborative effort between the University of Rhode Island, Inner Space Center, URI Graduate School of Oceanography, the film company, David Clark, and several other US universities, aimed at understanding, exploring, and observing the ever changing region. Check out the links below to learn more!