Silicone Self-bonding Tape


This tape isn’t sticky but adheres to itself, forming a watertight seal. We recommend using it in conjunction with Coax Seal to repair cables and connections in the field! Included in the Cable Repair Kit.

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HS Code: 3919.10.2020

Product Description

This silicone self-bonding tape isn’t sticky but adheres to itself well and stretches to conform to the shape of what it is applied to. It withstands salt water and UV rays and can be applied and fused at a depth of over 300 meters (1000 ft), making it the perfect self-fusing tape for any marine environment. It has a number of other features:

  • Air & moisture seal
  • Seals irregular shapes
  • Elastic memory seal
  • Resists weathering

When used in conjunction with our Coax-Seal compound, you can repair damaged cables and connections in the field and maintain and water and pressure proof seal! This product is part of the Cable Repair Kit and can be used as a refill.


  • 1 x Silicone Self-Bonding Tape Roll


Length3 m10 ft
Width25.4 mm1.0 in
Thickness0.5 mm0.02 in
Material Properties
Tensile Strength4.8 MPa700 psi
Temperature Range-45°C to 200°C-50°F to 400°F
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength400 V/m
Volume Resistivity1x1013 Ω/cm


Datasheet (PDF)


RoHS Compliant

Revision History

16 September 2018

  • R1 – Initial Release


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