Vent Plug


Have you misplaced your Vent Plug for your Enclosure Vent and Plug? No problem!

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HS Code: 7616.10.

Product Description

This is a spare Vent Plug for the Enclosure Vent and Plug. It tightens into the vent penetrator and has dual O-rings for a reliable seal.


  • 1 x Vent Plug
  • 2 x Vent Plug O-Rings


This is the specifications for the complete Vent product.

Recommended Through-Hole Diameter10 mm
Bolt ThreadingM10 x 1.5
Bolt Length25 mm 0.98 in
Bolt Head / Nut Diameter18 mm 0.71 in
Wrench Flats16 mm 5/8 in
Bolt O-ringNBR70 AS568-013
Plug O-rings2mm Wide, 6mm ID, Buna-N
Maximum Tested Depth1000 m3280 ft

3D Models

VENT-M-PLUG-10-A-R3 (.zip)

Revision History

31 March 2015

  • R1 – Initial release


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