High-Power Tether Cable with Connectors for OTPS


This tether is for use with the Outland Technology Power Supply. It’s specially designed for the power supply system and has five twisted pairs of wire with varying sizes to carry power, data, and auxiliary signals. Surface and subsea connectors allow it to be detached at both ends!

For a complete system, see the Outland Technology Power Supply for the BlueROV2.

HS Code: 8544.11.00.30

Product Description

The High-Power Tether Cable is designed to be used with the Outland Technology Power Supply system, and is built to support high-power applications. It is neutrally buoyant, has 350 lb breaking strength, and has waterblocking fibers to prevent the spread of leaks. The tether has an outer diameter of 9.8 mm and a smooth polyurethane outer jacket that is durable and easy to handle.

This tether has five unshielded twisted pairs (UTP) of wire. Unlike our other tethers, each pair has a different wire gauge depending on how it is used:

  • 2 x 23AWG UTP: Red and black, used for power transmission
  • 1 x 24AWG UTP: Green, used for earth ground connection
  • 2 x 26AWG UTP: Blue, used for Fathom-X signal, and orange, available for auxiliary uses

On the topside end of the cable is a pre-installed Binder Series 696 connector. This connector is larger than the Binder 770 connector used on our normal tethers and Fathom Spool in order to handle the high voltage used by the OTPS system. On the ROV end of cable are two wet-mateable subsea connectors that connect to the ROV Power Supply Enclosure. Two separate connectors are used to handle the required voltage ratings and to separate high voltage and low voltage signals. A Kellems wire mesh grip and carabiner are provided to allow a solid connection to the BlueROV2 frame.

The core of the cable contains Kevlar strands for strength and Dacron fibers for space filling. Both fibers are impregnated with waterblocking compound to block any leaks caused by nicks or rips in the cable. A foam polyurethane inner jacket provides neutral buoyancy while a high-visibility yellow polyurethane rubber outer jacket resists abrasion and cutting. The stiffness of the cable is designed to be flexible enough to give freedom to your ROV, but stiff enough that it does not become tangled easily.

This product is available separately, but if you want a complete power system for the BlueROV2 we recommend configuring the complete system from the Outland Technology Power Supply product page.


  • 1 x High-Power Tether with Connectors for the Outland Technology Power Supply (125m or 250m)


Tether Diameter9.8 mmxx in
Buoyancy in FreshwaterNeutral
Buoyancy in SaltwaterSlightly Positive
Wire Gauge (Blue and Orange Pairs)0.14 mm226 AWG
Wire Gauge (Red and Black Pairs)0.26 mm223 AWG
Wire Gauge (Green Pair)0.20 mm224 AWG
Working Strength160 kgf350 lb
Breaking Strength225 kgf500 lb
Minimum Working Bend Diameter75 mm3 in
Voltage Rating (twisted pair)600 VDC


OTPS User Manual 46-0013 Rev A5 (PDF)

Revision History

22 October 2019

  • R1 – Initial release


Outland Technology Power Supply BlueROV2 Integration

Convert your BlueROV2 to use a topside power supply instead of batteries.

User Manual

OTPS User Manual 46-0013 Rev A5 (PDF)


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