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New Products: Watertight Enclosures and Basic ESC

Hello everyone! Today we’ve got enormous news for you. We are proudly introducing the 6″ Series and 8″ Series Watertight Enclosures! We’ve also got a new version of the Basic ESC.

6″ and 8″ Series Watertight Enclosures

We’re delighted to expand the line-up of watertight enclosures. These larger enclosures are perfect for those of you who need to keep a lot of stuff dry! We’re looking at you, AUVSI teams 😉 As with the rest of the enclosure series, the housings will be configurable and customizable with both aluminum and acrylic end cap options. Custom length tubes won’t be readily available, but don’t hesitate to let us know if you have a specific need. All of the components are available separately – the possibilities are nearly end(cap)less! Okay, that was a bit of a stretch…

The 6″ Series enclosures are rated to 65m and the 8″ Series enclosures are rated to 40m. We decided to measure their capacity by stuffing them with one of our favorite things: T100 Thrusters. You may also be able to spy a 3″ aluminum battery tube inside the 8″ enclosure.

6″ Enclosure (left) and 8″ Enclosure (right).

New Version of the Basic ESC

As you may have heard, the manufacturer of the Afro 30Amp ESC has ceased production of the model we currently sell, so we’ve been forced to switch to a slightly smaller version. We’ve added a heatsink to allow for the same current-handling capability. This version also have bare power leads instead of male 3.5mm bullet connectors.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and please let us know if you have any questions or comments. There is a discussion thread available related to this post on our forums.

Notable Replies

  1. What’s the make/model number of the new ESC? I’ll look to see if there is a 3D printed case for it like the old Afro 30s.

  2. If there isn’t, post the dimensions somewhere and there could be one

  3. Thanks @rjehangir! Those look to be a good replacement.

    @piercet I did a search, but couldn’t find any 3D printable covers for the “Race Spec 30As”. Here were the covers I am using for a few of my surface projects for the old ESCs. That would be great if you could make a cover up, it definitely adds that “finished” look to the bare circuit boards.

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